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Graco Industrial

Graco Grease Jockey

Grease Jockey Pneumatic Pump Mobile Package Industrial Lubrication

Graco Grease Jockey Pneumatic

With Graco’s Grease Jockey automatic lubrication system, vehicle maintenance gets a whole lot easier. No wasted time, no missed lube points and no under or over greasing ever again!


  • Keeps your chassis operating, even in harsh on-road conditions
  • Lubricant goes where it’s supposed to, automatically, with little or no waste
  • Field-proven—some of the largest fleets have been using Grease Jockey for decades!
  • A full range of options to choose from
  • Stand-alone timer which can be mounted in the cab for on-the-road adjustment


Grease Jockey Electric Pump Mobile Package Industrial Lubrication

Graco Grease Jockey Electric

The simple bolt-on components lubricate your machine at the most critical time–while your machine is working, providing optimal lubrication for hard-working components.


  • Durable pumps and injectors handle the toughest conditions
  • Integral timer simplifies installation
  • Extra grease at the touch of a "manual-run" button
  • Adjustable injectors deliver the right amount of grease at the right time
  • Significantly cuts maintenance and repair costs and maximizes machine hours