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Graco Industrial

Graco Meter

Modu-Flo Pneumatic Pump Industrial Lubrication

Graco Miniature Meter-Flo

Designed for use with virtually any type of Series Progressive or Single Line Resistive oil lubrication system.


  • Capable of high volumetric output (up to 14 in3/minute) operating continuously at pressures up to 1000 psi (69 bar).
  • Ideal for smaller series progressive systems requiring continuous lubrication
  • Compact and rugged for years of dependable operation in any application
  • Several options available to create a complete system using feedback and control


Meter-Flo Electric Pump Industrial Lubrication

Graco Meter-Flo

Works with Series Progressive, Dual Line and Single Line Resistive metering devices


  • With its solid pump housing and reservoir, these rugged gear pumps are designed for dependable operation in high demand applications.
  • The gear pump is available with a direct-coupled 1/2 horsepower motor capable of 1725 RPM’s with output volumes of 245 cubic inches per minute.
  • Eleven different pump models to choose from.
  • Pump packages for even the largest applications–up to 1000 lube points!
  • Rugged design for dependable service in high-demand applications