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Hydraulink Adaptor Range

The problem with old style 90°, 45° and T adaptors is their bulk, potential weak spots and the fact they are not particularly attractive. That's because they are made from seperate machined pieces welded together. A much better way to build an adaptor is to create it from a single piece of steel. Thats exactly how we do it. Hydraulink 90°, 45° and T adaptors are forged. That eliminates welded joints which makes them stronger, and more compact and gives them great aesthetics.

Hydraulink Adaptor

The Hydraulink Adaptor range is designed to provide the hydraulic systems designer with a wide range of thread options and combinations when used in conjunction with the Hydraulink range of hose tails.

Hydraulink Adaptors are designed and manufactured to conform with the functional requirements specified in the relevant International Standards. However it should be noted that the envelope dimensions given in this catalogue are for reference only. Dimensions may vary from those catalogued or specified in the standards due to product changes, varying tolerances and variation in manufacturering methods.

Hydraulink Adaptors are normally manufactured from high quality steel and are finished with a passivated zinc finish. Other material types are available on request.
For adaptor types not listed in the master listings please contact Hydraulink for further information or special product design.