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Tube Clamps

PI.EFFE.CI manufactures a comprehensive range of quality Tube Fitting Clamps. They have 25 years experience serving the following industries:

  • Agriculture
  • Mining
  • Hydraulic Hoses
  • Transport

PI.EFFE.CI clamps are completely INTERCHANGEABLE with those of competitors. The practical mounting, the innumerable combinations, our vast range and low fitting costs make our clamps indispensable in a wide variety of industries. Particularly in oil-hydraulic applications, PI.EFFE.CI clamps reduce noise and absorb vibration.

Tube Clamps

Clamp Material

Tube/Pipe Diameter

 polypropylene  6 to 324mm
 self-extinguishing polyamid  6 to 324mm
 aluminium  6 to 324mm
 super-heavyweight series in galv steel  50 to 800mm

Steel parts are delivered with zinc-plating surface protection. All metal components are available in stainless steel 316.

All clamps and accessories are normally AVAILABLE EX STOCK (except custom orders).

In May 1997, the SGS ICS Srl approved and registered PI.EFFE.CI's Quality Management System as meeting the requirements of ISO 9002/ UNI EN ISO 9002 = Ed. 1994.  This certification recognises the company's commitment to providing products and services of the highest quality and reliability.

Tube Clamps
Tube Clamps


  • 5 Series of Clamps
  • Optional Clamp insert material
  • STANDARD: - Polypropylene
  • OPTIONAL: - Fire Resustant Polyamid OR Aluminium
  • Versatile Mounting Systems
  • Clamps Tube, Pipe & Hose
  • Metric & Imperial Size Ranges
  • Wide range of Clamping Diameters
  • Optional Stainless Steel Mounting Plates & Bolts