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JSG Fast Fill System

JSG Industrial Systems' expertise comes from 35+ years involvement with Lincoln Industrial (both USA and Germany). JSG Industrial Systems also enjoys the position of being one of Lincoln's world's largest distributors.

This status has been attained through the building of a strong engineering and service support team that fully understands lubrication and material dispensing applications and the market needs within Australia, New Zealand, PNG, Indonesia & South Pacific.

With this involvement comes requests for other areas of cost reduction support, such as hose & cable management and moisture removal within the equipment or plant in which the Lincoln product was being used. JSG Industrial Systems now has the ability to provide the right cost solution to many issues in establishing the most effective maintenance practices.

JSG Industrial Systems provide fully designed effective cost solutions and systems along with fully guaranteed quality installation, service and repair work for your fixed or mobile plant and equipment.

Utilising JSG Industrial Systems' service, installation and repair facilities or a Periodic Maintenance Program, you are assured that the latest technical methods are being employed to:

  • Reduce unplanned down-time
  • Decrease maintenance and lubricant costs
  • Better utilize personnel
  • Address many of your safety and environmental concerns


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