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JSG Industrial Exhaust Extraction

Fume Extraction & Exhaust Extraction

A significant consideration for any work operation today is the growing demand associated with OH&S requirements and the need to provide a safer working environment for employees.

JSG Industrial Systems supplies and supports a comprehensive range of fume and exhaust extraction and filtration products designed to specifically address these requirements by safely removing fumes and particles from workplace operations and recycling clean air back into the environment.Exhaust Extraction Systems

The range of products on offer suits the extraction and filtration of vehicle (motor cycle through to large commercial vehicles) exhaust, welding fumes, oil mist, sanding and grinding dust, plasma cutting fumes and trimming and grinding particles. These products are available in a range of configurations including portable, mobile and stationary welding and extraction units, welding benches, hose reels, sliding track systems, exhausters and simple extraction systems.

With a comprehensive range of accessories and options available, the JSG Industrial Systems' fume and exhaust extraction and filtration products provide a necessary response to a safer working environment.