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Fire Protection Systems

Fire Extinguishers & Suppression Systems


Heavy mobile and stationary equipment represents a substantial investment for any business.

Due to the nature and location of the industries that require such equipment, along with the often heavy demands placed on product performance, a significant consideration for any operation today is the damage and potential loss resulting from the ever-present risk of fire.

Coupled with the danger to personnel and likely loss of production, the installation of a fire suppression system has now become an essential part of a company's overall risk management plan in order to minimise the risk to both operator and equipment.

The ETI Foam Fire Suppression System with automatic detection and actuation has been designed for environments where world leading performance is consistently demanded. Offering a comprehensive risk assessment procedure that requires active customer involvement, along with flexibility in system design, the ETI Foam Fire Suppression System provides:

  • An engineered system to ensure correct specification of product requirements
  • Flexible siphon tubes to allow either vertical or horizontal mounting
  • Stainless steel detection line with propellant core - for pressure detection
  • High capacity cylinders with high fl ow valves
  • Designed for ease of installation
  • Live testing prior to commissioning (theory = practice)
  • Ease of maintenance
JSG Fire Suppresssion Systems

All system design and installation is carried out by trained and qualified personnel. Every system design begins with a thorough risk assessment of the equipment to be protected to ensure that all fuel and ignition sources are identified and assessed for protection, the end result of which is a more effective management of fire risks.

The ETI Foam Fire Suppression System provides a state-of-the-art fire protection system designed to provide the necessary backup to all existing maintenance control measures.

As at the end of August 2007, ETI Fire Systems has already completed a range of tests and engineering reviews in relation to gaining compliance to Australian Standard AS5062-2006 "Fire Protection of Mobile and Transportable Equipment". This testing program has been in consultation with the National Association of Testing Authorities Australia (NATA). A verification testing program is already underway and, when complete, will be recognized by NATA.

ETI Fire Systems compliance to AS5062-2006 also includes mandatory aspects such as Risk Assessment and a complete hand-over documentation package.