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Outseight Weighing Systems

Outset Onboard Weighing Systems

A common issue within the transport sector is the overloading of transportation vehicles. Over loading is often a costly exercise which can incur unnecessary overload fines and cause premature failure of machinery due to exceeding specified loads. On the other hand, under loading is an equally expensive issue as the maximum load potential is not met and hence efficiency and productivity is compromised. Weigh JSG Outboard Weighing Systembridges and scale houses help to avoid these issues but the inherent costs associated with their use and maintenance can be daunting.

There is now another way - JSG Industrial Systems are now proud to support the full range of OUTSET Electronic Onboard Weighing Systems.

The OUTSET Bearing Load Weighing system, which includes the Lanx Blu, Lanx Global & Viper, are suitable for trucks, prime movers with articulated trailers, rigid dump trucks, semi trailers and road trains. These systems manage loads by providing the operator with accurate load values all in real time. This is achieved through sensors measuring loads on each axle of the prime mover and trailer.