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Lincoln Industrial

Grease and Oil Pumps

General Lubrication Pumps
Lincoln…the brand the pros demand for quality lubrication tools.
For over 90 years, Lincoln has been recognized as a leader in lubrication tools. Lubrication Pumps are no different, and Lincoln offers a complete line of performance-proven pumps for grease, oil, and other fluids.

Lincoln Grease & Oil Pump SystemsHigh Pressure
Lincoln’s high-pressure grease pumps have been performance proven in automotive, agricultural, heavy-duty, marine, construction, and industrial facilities throughout the world. The pumps are built for power, durability, and dependability and these exclusive engineering features ensure top performance and longer service life.

Medium Pressure
Our medium pressure pumps are built with the same rugged reliability and powerful performance you've come to expect from Lincoln. They are super quiet—the quietest pumps on the market. They deliver increased output for faster product delivery. And they let you handle a wider range of applications with total mounting flexibility.

Transfer Pumps
These proven horizontal, valved-piston motor designed transfer pumps were created for simplicity and reliability. They are a cost-effective solution for oil distributors who need to supply pumps for customers who purchase bulk oil in tanks or drums. Available as stub pump, 16-/55-gallon pump or 250- to 275-gallon tank pump.

Air-Operated Diaphragm Pumps
Diaphragm pumps are driven by compressed air. These pumps are both cost effective and environmentally friendly. Features such as dry running without damage, self-priming, and its ability to pump both abrasive and viscous materials ensure that the pumps will last a long time, saving you time and money.

Pump Packages
Perfect way to get everything you need for one straight price. Package includes pump tube, air motor, pressure primer, brushing, coupling, straight swivel, air control, Moisture-Lok hose, flow gun, and coupler.

Lincoln Grease & Oil Pump Systems

Bulk Oil Systems
Lincoln pump 3:1 and 5:1 ratio packages include 600003 regulator, 600401 gauge, 815 coupler and 11659 nipple. Control valve, inline meter or handheld metering control valve must be ordered separately (except model 4283).


PMV PumpsPMV Pumps
Lincoln’s new PMV family of grease and oil pumps represents more than 90 years of high-quality engineering, technology and manufacturing. The unique, modular design of these pumps includes precision-machined parts made with durable materials which allows for a longer pump life.

Based on Lincoln’s proven PowerMaster III air logic pump technology, PMV is a simple design with few moving parts. This translates to exceptional performance, long service life and low maintenance cost.


Manual Bucket and Filler Pumps
Ideal for applications requiring portability and economy, Lincoln manual bucket pumps dispense lubricants with up to 5000 psi of operating pressure. Clamp the pump to any 25-50 lb... refinery container or select from models that include 30 or 40 lb. bulk containers. Use filler pumps to quickly fill grease guns and oil cans used in everyday operation.


Lincoln Double Diaphragm Pump

Lincoln has introduced a new line of Dual-inlet, Air-operated, Double-diaphragm (AODD) Pumps for continuous use in heavy-duty vehicle service and industrial applications. Originally developed for antifreeze/water mixtures, the pumps dispense other light fluids compatible with Buna-N, aluminum and/or polypropylene. The AODD Pumps feature dual inlets to mix and dispense two fluid products in a 50:50 ratio. Available in ½-inch and 1-inch sizes, the pumps can meet the volume needs of many specific applications.


Lincoln's New 1340 Lever-Action Pump

Lincoln's New 1340 Lever-Action Pump
Lincoln has introduced its new Model 1340 Lever Action Barrel Pump for automotive, agricultural and industrial applications. The unit’s extended pump body improves top-of-barrel clearance while providing a 14.0 fluid ounce minimum flow per stroke. The 1340 features a removable, non-drip spout that, when removed, reveals a threaded hose connection. The telescoping pick-up tube fits 16- to 55-gallon drums. Its three-tier threaded bung fits standard 2-inch and 1.5-inch drums and plastic drums utilizing 56 x 4mm buttress threads.


PMV Pumps

Lincoln Announces a New Line of PMV Pumps
Lincoln has introduced its new line of PMV Lubrication Pumps. Featuring a unique, modular design, these pumps provide exceptional performance, long service life and low cost of ownership. Offered in 3-inch and 4.25-inch diameters, the PMV Pumps are available in oil and grease models for stationary installations, as well as portable applications. The PMV line combines decades of Lincoln design leadership with advanced materials and manufacturing techniques to offer a superior pump with distinct advantages.


Value Series 40:1 Grease Pump

Value Series 40:1 Grease Pump
Lincoln offers its new Value Series 40:1 Pump which provides professional quality lubrication at an affordable price. Developed for portable, medium- to light-duty chassis lubrication, the pump is ideal for small garages, farmers, oil distributors and jobbers, shop owners and auto dealers. The 40:1 Pump features a proven valved-piston design, simple grease plunger/bushing, control valve, universal swivel and easy, one-hand operation. Built for durability and reliability, the 40:1 Pump can reduce overall lubrication costs by allowing the purchase of grease in bulk. (Models 4417, 4459 and 4489)


Affordable Oil Transfer and Dispense PumpsAffordable Oil Transfer and Dispense Pumps
Lincoln offers its new Value Series 3.5:1 Air-operated Pump for medium- to low- volume applications such as those found in vehicle service facilities, car dealerships, small contractors, farmers and agriculture equipment dealers. The affordable pump performs quick-dispense, fill or transfer applications with high-volume output. Available as a stub pump, 16- or 55-gallon pump or pump for a 250- to 275-gallon oval tank, its proven horizontal, valved-piston motor design and single-stroke action deliver reliability, as well as high performance and flow. (Models 4490, 4491 and 4492)


Grease Pump, Hoist and Follower Kits

Grease Pump, Hoist and Follower Kits
Lincoln now offers its new Models 2710 and 2740 Grease Pump, Hoist and Follower Kits. Featuring durable construction, the kits are ideal for heavy-duty shop environments. The kits’ positive priming follower prevents pump cavitation and eliminates trapped air in the drum, while the flexible, tight-fitting follower wipes the drum sides clean, reducing wasted grease. Using the one-hand air valve, the grease pump hoist lifts the pump high enough for simple, clean removal and replacement of grease drums and reduces the risk of injury. The Models 2710 and 2740 kits are operated pneumatically, making pump insertion and extraction easy.


UL-listed Diaphragm PumpsUpgraded Air-operated, UL-listed Diaphragm Pumps
Lincoln now offers its upgraded Model 85634 and Model 85635 Air-operated, UL-listed Diaphragm Pumps. A result of Lincoln’s continuous effort to provide superior pump technology, the pumps deliver higher flow rates and greater solids handling capability. Each pump features the no-lube air valve and grounding wire and a one-inch inlet and outlet. The two models have aluminum construction with a choice of Buna or PolyTetraFluoroEthylene (PTFE) wetted soft parts.


Professional Fluid Pump

1335 Professional Fluid Pump
Developed to survive the harsh conditions in today's maintenance environments, the pump operates with non-corrosive fluids such as motor oil, transmission fluid, gear oil, engine coolant and more. The close-tolerance pump features a telescoping pick-up tube for 16- to 55-gallon drums with standard two-inch bung openings, and a bung opening tool is built into the pump head. The 1335's internal check valve ensures a constant prime, and its full stroke provides 8.5 fluid ounces. The 1335 has brass rings that will never shrink or harden over time, and its multi-position handle allows the pump to be set for high- or low-viscosity fluids to ease pumping effort or maximize output. Its special front-access design simplifies filling and results in less spillage.

Model 4482 Pump, Reel and Meter Package


Model 4482 Pump, Reel and Meter Package
Lincoln has introduced its new Model 4482 Pump, Reel & Meter Package for the automotive service market. Designed for use with 55-gallon drums and bench tanks, the package contains all components required for installation. The system efficiently dispenses natural and synthetic oils, automatic transmission fluid, gear oil, antifreeze or hydraulic oil.

Oil Rider Portable Tank, Pump and Meter


Oil Rider Portable Tank, Pump and Meter
This new package features the Lincoln 4475 single stroke pump for fast, reliable transfer of natural and synthetic motor oils and other vehicle service fluids. The rugged, dependable Lincoln 952 oval gear electronic meter ensures long service life in the tough shop environment and the high capacity tank services at least 25 cars between refills.

Improved Lincoln Manual Lube Products


Improved Lincoln Manual Lube Products
Reduced cost and improved performance. Lincoln’s general lubrication products just keep getting better. Check out the newest items introduced in our last issues of Solutions.


4475 Economical Transfer Pump4475 Economical Transfer Pump
Lincoln quality at lower cost. Air-powered performance for medium to low viscoity fluids such as motor oil, ATF, and windshied washer fluid. Two models to choose from: with and without spigot (unit with spigot shown is Model 4480). Unique air motor design is patent pending. Made for oil change outlets, vehicle service professionals, agricultural equipment, construction machinery, industrial plants, mines and mills. Less than half the cost of most other pneumatic piston pumps.


New Diaphragm PumpsNew Diaphragm Pumps
Lincoln has introduced two new diaphragm pumps ideal for light fluid transfer applications in industrial and automotive as well as construction and mining environments.