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Hose Reels

Automotive and Industrial Hose Reels
Decades of experience and engineering refinement mean better performance.

Lincoln’s Fluid Reel Series (LFR)Lincoln’s Fluid Reel Series (LFR)
Lincoln's best value is exemplified in our LFR Series reels. Whether you need a low, medium or high-pressure rating, for grease, oil or air and water, Lincoln offers a standard reel to fit the application. For use with 30', 50', or 60’ hoses.

Heavy Duty Series
Our toughest, long-life reels, the HD Series provides reliable operation in the most demanding conditions. For use with 30', 40' or 50'; low, medium or high pressure hoses.

High Flow Series
These industrial strength hose reels are designed for applications that require high product flow and/or longer hose length. Models available to work with hose lengths up to 75'. Ideal for service trucks, transit facilities and large fleet shops. Fuel Reel Assemblies with super-duty reels in complete assemblies with hose and nozzle are also available.

Decorative Hose Reels
A streamlined appearance is only one benefit to decorative hose reels. Also consider they are dent and scratch resistant, non conductive, non-corrosive, and easy to maintain.

Dual Arm Series Dual Arm Series
This commercial strength hose reel is constructed to sustain repeated use in automotive environments and industrial settings. Double base support withstands extra vibrations and provides smooth hose pull-out and retraction.
Automotive and Commercial Hose Reels

Value Series Air Hose Reel
Are you searching for a long lasting air hose reel including a heavy-duty air hose at a great value? Our Value Series hose reel has many features you will find on Lincoln high quality hose reels.

Accessories for Industrial Hose Reels
Everything you need from decorative cabinets to complete lubrication and fluid dispensing stations, plus all mounting gear and other accessories you need are available from your Lincoln representative.

New I-Beam Clamp For Mounting LFR Reels

New I-Beam Clamp For Mounting LFR Reels
Lincoln has introduced its new Model 85654 I-Beam Mounting Kit as an alternative to drilling and welding when securing its Series 94000 Hose Reels to I-Beams. Designed to facilitate easy reel location, the kit reduces installation cost and time. The Model 85654 allows for perpendicular or parallel mounting to the beams and provides performance equal to that of direct fastening. The kit features a five-year warranty and comes with Lincoln’s world-class support.


Lincoln has introduced its new Mini Workbench Reel for air/water or oil applications. The narrowest in its class, this compact hose reel has a 5-1/4-inch width and 14-inch spool, making it easy to install under workbenches or in cabinets. The Mini Workbench Reel’s 1-inch quality spring provides reliable, consistent performance and retractability. Its integrated swivel stem and shaft design makes servicing the reel a simple task. Made in the United States and featuring a five-year warranty, the unit has a high-gloss, UV-resistant powder coat finish to reduce scuffs and impact marks.


Lincoln Announces New Dual Support Hose ReelsLincoln Announces New Dual Support Hose Reels
Lincoln has introduced its new Dual Support Hose Reel. Utilizing the proven technology of Lincoln’s 94000 Series reels, this heavy-duty reel includes a dual arm, dual axle and dual base for added stability in demanding environments. The support arm’s three-point bolt design allows for easy hosing of the reel at installation and offers instant access to the reel’s working parts. Its dual support from base to axle to roller outlet provides superior performance in applications with heavy vibration and impact.


Dual Arm Hose Reel

Dual Arm Hose Reel
Lincoln has introduced its new Dual Arm Heavy Duty Hose Reel Series. Developed for demanding environments, the product is ideal for use in vehicle maintenance garages, on lube trucks for both on- and off-road applications, and in industrial settings. The reels feature a hose guide supported by two arms to withstand frequent hose extension and retraction, and its dual needle bearings provide consistent and smooth operation. The dual arm reel’s double base was designed to endure extreme vibration. The delivery and connection hose features quick disconnects to make installation simple. Reel assemblies are available in hose lengths up to 60 feet and are factory pressure tested to ensure leak-free installation.


Value Series Retractable Hose ReelValue Series Retractable Hose Reel
Lincoln has introduced its Value Series Model 83753 and Model 83754 retractable air hose reels. These durable reels feature heavy-duty rubber air hoses and all-steel reel assembly. Both reels have eight-position ratchet gearing that locks the reel at the desired hose length and a slotted mounting base for easy attachment to ceilings, walls or work benches. Designed for long-lasting ease of use, the Models 83753 and 83754 have an auto-rewind feature and spring-powered automatic recoil. Each unit provides 300-psi capacity with a maximum airflow of 25 cubic feet per minute.


New LFR Series Hose ReelsNew LFR Series Hose Reels
Lincoln now offers its new LFR Series Hose Reels. Developed for demanding environments, the product is ideal for use in professional vehicle service facilities, mobile service applications, industrial manufacturing and process industries. Engineered for durability and reliability, the LFR Series Hose Reels provide consistent, repetitive performance. The reels are available in low-, medium- and high-pressure models for use in a variety of applications and have double-ratchet teeth to lock the hose in multiple positions. The LFR Series Hose Reels have dual-needle bearings to reduce the stress on the spring, providing smooth, balanced operation during both hose extension and retraction. (Models 94100, 94300, 94500, 94532, 94552, 94553, 94532G, 94552G, 94553H, 94334, 94354, 94364, 94132, 94133, 94152, 94153, 94154, 94163, 94132A, 94133A, 94152A, 94153A, 94154A, 94132W, 94133W 94152W, 94153W, 94154W)