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Outset Onboard Weighing Solutions

Outset, Onboard Weighing Systems

Outset on board weighing systems allow to payload within the law limits avoiding vehicles overloading. These kind of industrial electronic systems are applied on Outset Onboard Weighing Solutionscommercial, earthmoving, environment and logistic sectors vehicles, and in several other areas like quarry, yard, building stores to give the exactly carried material weight of goods such as waste, logging, cereals, powder, animal feed, ash and mud as well as liquid materials and aggregate. These professional solutions, used for the control and management of the on board weighing, allow a real time data processing and materials identification.

Outset Onboard Weighing SolutionsA wide range of weighing products
The wide range of weighing products can be installed on commercial vehicles providing an accurate weighing for lorry on different types of truck scales, from rigid tractors scales, to trailers, semitrailers, bulk carriers, carriers, rear tippers and dump truck scales. The on board scale installed on the earthmoving sector offers a dynamic weighing system for front loaders, fork-lift trucks weighing and excavators weighing.

Dynamic weighing
This dynamic on board weighing system gives the operator a real on board scale avoiding waisting of time during the weight-bridge process, exactly like having a real on board weighing balance.


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