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Total Rubber

TOTALRUBBER carries an extensive range of Rubber Hose. Our range covers a broad spectrum of industries such as agriculture, Mining, Construction, Civil Engineering, Manufacturing, Aquaculture, Food Processing and others.

Rubber Hose

Quality Rubber Hose:

At TOTALRUBBER we have developed a great reputation for the high quality rubber hose we can supply to all sorts of industries. Wherever liquids, materials or gas is conveyed under pressure or suction, we can supply a hose.

Specialty Food/Beverage Hose Supplier:

We are very proud to carry the most comprehensive range of wine and food hose in Australia. We offer 12 specific hose to an extremely diverse, exacting and expanding industry. We can build any size rubber hose to your specifications if required. The table below provides general examples of commonly used applications for our Rubber Hose. For more in-depth information please consult our online catalogues or contact us. To give you an indication of the wide variety of rubber hose applications that we currently supply take a look at this table.

Rubber Hose Application Summary Table


Rubber Hose


10 – 20 Bar Air
Hot Air Blower

10-20 Bar Water
Radiator Hose
Fire Hose
Water Suction


Petroleum Delivery
Petroleum Suction
Fuel Line
Hydraulic Return
Marine Exhaust

Food & Beverage
Totalflex® Range

Brewers Delivery
Brewers Suction
Beverage Master
Feed Transfer
Bottle Line

Available in extra heavy duty
Food & Beverage rubber hose meets all hygiene standards


Black Steam 8
Greaseproof Steam
Non-Conductive Steam

Available in heavy duty


Twin Weld Oxy/LPG
Twinweld OXY/ ACC
Soloweld Blue & Red


Chemical Suction

Material Handling

Concrete delivery
Abrasive delivery
Transport collector
Air seeder delivery